The big news this week in Charlotte was the announcement that the PGA Championship is moving from August to May beginning in 2019.

That means when the Ocean Course will host one of golf's four majors in late spring instead of in the middle of summer.

Roger Warren, the president of the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, says the change will mean more than cooler temperatures. Visually the course will take on a brighter look.In

"In terms of the way the golf course looks, when you get into August, you're starting to transition into a fall look where there is a lot of sea oats around," Warren said.

"In the spring, it's a little more lush. Obviously, the trees are just coming out of their bloom. I think it's going to be a beautiful golf course. There's a little more color. There's a little more wildflowers at that point. So, I think the experience visually, it's already such a beautiful experience, I think it will just be enhanced and I think people will enjoy it just because it wont be so doggone hot as it is in August."

With the change, there will be a major in every month from April to July and Warren says that is a win for everybody, especially for his staff who will host another PGA Championship after the 2012 edition was played in the Lowcountry.

"We're the benefactor of moving to May because it's such a great month for golf," Warren said.

"It will be cooler - by 10 to 15 degrees daily. We'll have a bit more wind and that's what the Ocean Course was built to show was the wind. So, I think it's something that will be positive for the players and the fans."

The wind will no doubt be a major topic of discussion and Warren feels when that Sunday rolls around in 2021, whoever hoists the Wanamaker Trophy will know he earned it.

"I think it's going to help the golf course really set a standard that week for the players to demonstrate who deserves to be a PGA Champion."