Lower Richland product and World Series Champion Pokey Reese was paying it forward Saturday afternoon.

He held the first Pokey Reese Baseball Camp at the Caughman Road Park in Columbia. This was a free camp where participants got the fundamentals of the game down and this event was aimed at getting the youth more involved with the sport.

Reese, a former Cincinnati Red and Boston Red Sock, reflected on his time in the Midlands and realized that his camp was actually a full circle moment.

"Well this where I played my pony league ball. I started at Bluff Road Park then I moved over here to Caughman Road and you know I just wanted to come out here, give back to the community. I went to high school here so I mean that was one of main focuses was to come out here at the place where I started," Reese said.

Known for his defensive ability Reese taught the fundamentals of defense and how important a skill set that is for baseball players.

"No hitting. We put the bats down. I was defensive player so I'm stressing defense. If you can't play defense you pretty much don't have a place on this field so I was pretty much stressing defense."

Reese was a part of the Boston Red Sox incredible 2004 World Series win and left the campers with this message.

"I'm trying to give back and give some knowledge and let them know where I came from, you can do it. If I can do it you can do it."

Reese plans to make his baseball camp an annual event in Columbia.