If you downloaded the new iOS 11 operating system, you're probably still trying to figure out all the new features.

There are a couple you need to pay attention to, because they have to do with your privacy.

The passcode to gain access to what’s in the phone can now be longer than 6 numbers. ZDNET.com said you can make it 15 if you want to.

You can also just get rid of the numbers all together and use letters.

To change the passcode, just go to Settings, Touch ID and Passcode then change passcode.

There’s a new feature that’s stirring up controversy. When you turn off your WIFI, you're not really turning it off.

The Verge says, it lets you disconnect from networks and devices by turning WIFI and blue tooth off.

However, the actual radio waves are still running in the background to keep things like Air Drop running. The concern is that it opens users up to unnecessary security risks.

If you want to completely disable the Bluetooth and WIFI, you must go to settings click WIFI or Bluetooth and disable them.