Lexington, SC (WLTX) -- Now that Matthew has passed through the South Carolina coast, state officials and homeowners are assessing the damage left behind.

Edisto beach has been hit particularly hard.

Roads are covered entirely in sand and some homes are completely demolished. Officials say massive trees were also uprooted in the streets.

Overnight, wind howled, waves crashed, and rain poured. Matthew making a relatively brief, but significant impact on the South Carolina coast.

In Charleston, low lying areas flooded quickly.

Further south, even more devastation.

"There's still debris on the causeway on the beach there's some pretty bad distraction on the front and the beach road is completely covered in sand," Edisto resident Arthur Bailey said.

In Edisto, some homes have been left completely destroyed.

Officials say they don't believe anyone was hurt. In fact, all but 8 people evacuated. "It seems like no one has been injured a couple houses damaged a few trees down and the beach is bad I think it's going to be terrible," Bailey said.

State officials still have not given the all clear for folks to return home. They are still assessing whether or not it's safe to allow residents back here. They're asking for patience right now saying just because the eye of the storm has passed, doesn't mean you're safe here quite yet.