Folly Beach, SC (WLTX) - Despite the evacuation order, some Folly Beach residents say they will wait out the storm. Along with boarding up windows and doors, residents are also bringing in their boats and securing them to ride out the storm.

News19 caught up with boat owner Michael Ray as he brought his boat to a landing. "Going to tie it down really well, possibly to a tree and say a prayer," he said. "I think we'll be fine. I was looking at the spaghetti models and most of them have it turning off of our coast before it gets here. I'm not too worried about it. Our house is high on a dune. So if I can keep my kids from the beach we'll be fine."

Law enforcement officers have been monitoring who comes in and out of Folly Beach. Safety check points are set up before you cross the bridge onto the beach. Officers are checking IDs of those trying to cross and are only allowing people who live and work on Folly Beach.