Columbia, SC (WLTX) - We're following the latest development with Hurricane Matthew, as it impacts the state of South Carolina. We'll be posting the latest updates here.

5:02 PM: The city of Manning will be under a curfew Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Mayor Julia Nelson said all the damage that occurred there during the storm makes being out at night too dangerous for both citizens and first responders.

4:12 PM: Another BIG spike in power outage totals. We're now up to 762,00 statewide as of 4 PM.

2:12 PM: Reporter Ryan Krueger has had his hands full over in Myrtle Beach, experiencing what residents and law enforcement are dealing with along the Grand Strand.

In one of his liveshots from the coast, we could see part of a structure come apart.

2:03 PM: The town of Holly Hill in Orangeburg County is one of the closest Midlands communities to the coast, and because of that, they got some of the highest rain totals in the Midlands, leading to flooding.

This picture shows one of those areas.

1:51 PM: Once again, the City of Manning and Clarendon County are dealing with extensive damage.

Last October, they were one of the areas that were hardest hit. Saturday, they received high winds that have snapped trees that then fell into roadways, making it hard to get around the county. There was also a report that an apartment complex in Summerton was flooded and had to be evacuated.

Darci and JR had a chance to talk with Manning's mayor, who updated us all on what happened. View the Video:

1:25 PM: Portions of two of South Carolina's main roadways are blocked.

Both I-95 and I-20 have sections that are blocked. The most dramatic blockage is down on I-95, where a 49 mile section is closed from the Georgia border all the way out to mile marker 49, which is not far from Walterboro.

1:15 PM: This is from a little earlier. This was our Sonia Gutierrez inside the historic district of Charleston, where water was almost knee-deep.

Video: Watch Sonia Gutierrez's report

12:00 PM: State emergency management officials say statewide power outages are now up to 503,458.

11:03 AM: The National Hurricane Center says Hurricane Matthew made landfall in McClellanville, SC just before 11 AM.

Forecasters say people should be prepared for serious inland flooding.

Historical note: McClellanville was the hardest hit areas during Hurricane Hugo.

10:50 AM:

We're getting plenty of your images. You can see them here:

10:30 AM: Gov. Haley said 437,000 people are without power. She asked the state residents to have patients, warning that many storm fatalities happen when people rush out when there are damaged roads.

She said that most evacuees shouldn't expect to start going home until Monday.

She also said people should watch out for a scam, where people are receiving e-mails from a hacker that asked them to click a link to find out about outages. Haley said people should delete those emails.

LINK: Latest Details from Nikki Haley and State Leaders

9:45 AM: Gov. Nikki Haley is set to give an update at 10 a.m. over at the South Carolina Emergency Management Division

9:20 AM: Power outages still going up. Over 45,000 in Richland & Lexington County alone.

That report is just from SCE&G

9:05 AM: The water level is very high at the Gills Creek over on Garners Ferry Road.

It's not over its banks yet. Of course, we all remember what happened there last year, however, it's not going to be that bad this time around.

8:35 AM: Rain totals are already pretty big--and we've still got a ways to go.

Santee: 8.66 in

Sumter: 6.23 in

Orangeburg 5.89 in

Eastover: 4.21 in

Lexington 4.10 in

8:20 AM: Flash flooding warning has been issued for the following counties;

Orangeburg, Calhoun, Richland, Lee, Sumter, & Bamberg Counties until 2:15 PM

7:55 AM: Daybreak has revealed some of the bad flooding in Charleston's Market. That area, of course, is one of the most recognizable tourist attractions in South Carolina.

7:49 AM: Sumter police say some sections of Pike are closed related to trees down and flooding. They're asking people to say home.

They also tweeted this picture of a flooded road.

7:28 AM:

Power outages in Richland, Lexington County up to 34,000, per SCE&G

7:13 AM: The wind is really howling along Myrtle Beach.

Our Ryan Krueger is out there, and he says the wind was whipping so hard, it was making the rain hit his face. Hard!

7:09 AM: Charleston is having street level flooding throughout the city.

Sonia Gutierrez is down there, and filed this report, where it's been a bad night for the state's oldest city.

7:06 AM: The State's Emergency Management Division is keeping an eye on Matthew.

6:52 AM: Power outages now up to over 20,000 in Richland, Lexington Counties, per SCE&G


6:38 AM: Thousands without power in the midlands. Power outages keep going up. We're up now to over 17,000 in the Midlands, just from SCE&G

6:29 AM: Wind gust at over 50 mph in parts of Midlands We had a gust of 52 miles an hour over in Orangeburg, per Jim Gandy #HurricaneMatthew

6:10 AM: Flooding increases in Charleston County.

5:57 AM: South Carolina Highway Patrol reporting trees down in roadways

5:46 AM: Temperatures remain in the 70s across the midlands. Here are the current temperatures across the state. #scwx

5:43 AM: U.S. 521 at I-95 overpass in Alcolu beginning to flood.

5:00 AM: Hurricane Matthew hovering over the coast of South Carolina. Still producing tropical storm force winds.

Trees down in parts of Aiken County. Emergency crews out in Aiken County using chainsaws to clear roadways of fallen trees. #HurricaneMatthew

4:33 AM: The Sumter Police Department is showing conditions in Sumter County. Reports of limbs on roads.

4:10 AM: The number of power outages continues to grow in the lowcountry with more than 80,000 being reported.

4:10 AM: News 19's Chief meteorologist Jim Gandy says Hurricane Matthew could make landfall soon in South Carolina.

3:42 AM: Edisto Beach is getting to feel the brunt of Hurricane Matthew in the next 30 minutes.

3:32 AM: A flash flood warning has been issued for several Midlands counties until 9 AM.

3:18 AM: The Coastal area is seeing wind gusts in the 60's while the Midlands is seeing wind gusts in the 30's.

2:55 AM: Strong wind gusts continue to be felt along the coastal islands.

2:30 AM: Power outages continue to rise in the Lowcountry as Hurricane Matthew brushes the South Carolina Coast.

If you lose power, we are online!

— Live5News (@Live5News) October 8, 2016

2:14 AM: The SCEMD has released a helpful number for people looking for information during the hurricane.

1:28 AM: Rainfall across Richland County ranges from .31 inches at Dutch Fork High School to 1.34 in Wateree. That was courtesy information from Richland County Winds.

1:10 AM: The National Weather Service has issued an urban and small stream flood advisory.

The counties affected are Orangeburg, Clarendon, Calhoun, and Sumter Counties. The flood advisory lasts until 6 AM

12: 22 AM: Power is out in much of the Lowcountry. On Folly Beach, where one of our reporter crews was stationed, the power was out in the hotel, even though the business has backup generators.

12:10 AM: Wind gusts are picking up here in the Midlands. Just after midnight, there was a gust of 40 miles an hour in Orangeburg, 35 in Manning.

12:08 AM: It's very early, but here are some rain estimates on the storm. Parts of the Lowcountry have received 3 inches, while other areas have gotten less. A few isolated parts, however, have gotten much more.

11:12 PM: Here are the latest numbers on Matthew. It currently has 105 mile an hour winds, meaning the storm is now down to a Category 2 hurricane. At present, the storm was about 70 miles southeast of Savannah.

Latest Forecast: Hurricane Matthew Moving Through South Carolina

11:10 PM: Update on the power outages. SCE&G says they have about 36,000. Remember, that number does not include the electric co-operatives which also serve the region.

10:45 PM: Part of Interstate 95 is impassable, per the SC Department of Transportation. Both lanes are closed. It appears that may be in the same area that was shut down on Memorial Day when heavy rains fell there.

10:35 PM: Rainfall is picking up across the Midlands. You can see a lot of heavy bands of rains. Most of it falling near Orangeburg, Clarendon Counties. That's pretty much exactly what the models were forecasting.

10:15 PM: Waves under the pier at Folly Beach just outside of Charleston were getting very high. This Twitter video shows just how high high they got.

9:50 PM: Wind gusts are getting stronger along the coast. A buoy off shore caught a gust of 67 miles an hour near Savannah, 51 miles an hour near Beaufort

9:25 PM: Berkeley County deputies say they won't have an tolerance for looters. Many people living there had evacuated due to the storm.

"Know that every single one that we catch for looting during the state of emergency will be posted here for all to see." Read Story:

9:00 PM: Outages are already spiking across the Lowcountry. As of this posting, 30,000 were without power from Charleston down to Hilton Head.

8:00 P.M: Many communities along the coast are under a curfew. Just take a look at at which ones were place under the restrictions.

6:50 P.M: Gov. Nikki Haley said that "now is the time for prayer."

At her early evening update from the state's emergency management center, she once again said the state could see dire effects from the storm. She said 355,000 had heeded the state's warnings and left the coast. But many others had not. For those who were still in those communities, she suggested they "hunker down" and seek the highest land or part of their home they could find.

Haley said once the storm begins, Emergency responders might have a tough time getting to stranded residents.

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