(WLTX) - Hurricane Matthew's forecast track shifted out further east, but that doesn't mean the state of South Carolina still isn't under a serious threat from impacts from the storm.

Overnight, the computer models took the path of Matthew east relative to the coast of South Carolina--in other words, a little further out to sea. By the late morning, they shifted even further east. That was a bit of a change from what the models were showing Tuesday, which was a path that had the storm skirting the coast of South Carolina.

In general, that could mean some better news for our state. Even though the storm's windfield is expanding, that path, if it holds, would put the strongest winds off the coast of South Carolina. But that wouldn't mean the state wouldn't see significant problems. The model still projects high tropical storm force winds or even hurricane force winds right along the coastline, and those areas would still likely see the potential of flooding. In the Midlands, it could mean less rain than previously thought, although again, it's still too early to tell.

The timing of the storm would still make this an event that impacts the state for much of Saturday.

However, it must be underscored that the models continue to shift--just look at what they've done over the last 24 hours for evidence of that. They will likely shift again, perhaps back toward the South Carolina coast. Several factors will affect the models: the speed of the storm, how it interacts with Florida when it passes by that state, and it's interaction with the islands of the Bahamas.

Right now, evacuation orders are still in effect for much of the South Carolina coast that are set to begin later today, although Gov. Nikki Haley did decide to delay evacuations in the Pee Dee until Thursday.

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