Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Although Hurricane Irma continues to move west, some are still evacuating the South Carolina coast.

Shaunta Priooleau and her three children Brianna, Carlos and Lauren left their mobile home in Charleston to avoid the effects of Hurricane Irma.

"Some people can't afford to stay in hotels. Some people are picky. I'm not picky. When it comes to safety, you can't be picky," Shaunta said. "It's not good to be in when winds are blowing and then if you stay where water is draining and it can flood or whatever, so I think it was the best decision to come down here."

Carlos said he was praying the entire trip.

"We're like praying that we stay safe and no one gets injured and that we evacuate safely," he said.

They were the first to come to the shelter. Carlos said he's thankful for the volunteers that have come to help.

"It feels really good that someone is chipping in to help someone and be safe like in the storm and not get anybody injured or anything, so I just think that they are doing a really good job," he said.

Carmela Burke is with the American Red Cross and said hearing those words makes it all worth it.

"It's really very heartwarming and kudos to them for taking the initiative to come here and just sensing that it might happen they decided to make that decision and come over here, so that's really good for them," she said.

The shelter will stay open as long as needed and Shaunta said they'll stay as long as allowed.

"Even though they said that the direction changed, but nothing is for certain. Things can change, so I think I made the right decision," she said.