Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Many people are staying in Columbia after having to evacuate their home state.

Several families said they felt lucky to have found a room at The Inn at USC, near downtown Columbia. But getting a room hasn’t been easy.

“There was no hotels left and no flights out so I was really lucky to find a room here," said Joyce Wou.

Wou says she left Miami on Thursday and was originally planning on staying in Savannah, Georgia, but then decided to come to Columbia where she felt safer. She says once she got here, it was difficult to find a hotel that would take her dogs, and was affordable.

“I used pretty much every single website, they were all the same," she said. "Expedia had everything sold out and if it wasn’t sold out it was like a room at the Ritz for 500 or something like that so it was kinda really difficult.”

One other family said they had a hard time finding a hotel with more than one room. They say they were lucky enough to be able to extend their stay through Wednesday. Live in Columbia, I’m Stephanie Esquivel, NEWS 19 WLTX