Orangeburg County, SC (WLTX) - Hurricane Irma's possible track is causing concern for people across the Midlands. Families and business are preparing for the worst in Orangeburg County.

"It's been kind of scary. I haven't really experienced a hurricane before so, I'm kind of going to be a little scared," Trevon James said.

11-year-old James and his mother Tanedra Washington filled up their gas tank Wednesday as they prepare for Hurricane Irma.

"We're starting to get gas and when we get home, we're going to start packing food and supplies and water and flashlights, so just in case the power goes out. We'll be able to eat and see," he said.

They're not the only ones getting ready. Leevan Johnson works at the Ace Hardware.

"We've been selling a lot of propane. Folks (have) been coming in and getting batteries and flashlights, lamp oil and different et ceteras like that," Johnson said.

The hotels are book ahead of time too.

"Most people are like, 'I just want to get away just to make sure we're safe,'" Shonese Thomas said.

Shonese Thomas works at the Country Inn & Suites and said the phones have ringing off the hook.

"People are coming in. They're worried about their pets. Family is just concerned and (we) just had high volume of calls and everything and now we're completely booked," Thomas said.

Meanwhile, Washington said she's glad they have a few more days to get ready.

"I'm trying to keep him at ease about everything that is going on because this is so uncertain right now that we don't know what's going to happen," Washington said. "If it does come and we have to leave we're going to be okay."

Washington also said that they will drive west to Tennessee if they need to.