Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Updates and information on Hurricane Irma have flooded social media news feeds, but just because you see it on Facebook doesn't mean it's true and in some cases, what appears to be a news story can be a flat out lie.

One video in particular struck us as alarming. Many of us at News 19 saw it on our news feeds throughout social media, and many of you sent it to us asking "is this true?"

The video plays for a little less than five minutes and shows one model of Hurricane Irma off the east coast. The post claims that Hurricane Irma is scheduled to hit North and South Carolina on September 11 and at one point the voice narrating the video said the storm will create waves at a height of at least 50 feet.

It sounds scary.

The video has over 5 million views and the post was shared at least 127,000 times with over 13,000 comments.

At News 19 we’re very disappointed whenever we see misinformation being spread online and there was a lengthy discussion about this post in our newsroom meeting.

We want you to know that we can verify that the information used this way is false.

Our expert, Chief Meteorologist Jim Gandy played a big role in that discussion.

"(The video) is taken out of context," Jim said. "It's one model, one model run, but it's being presented as the final solution. It is not. It was just one model run on Sunday before we got some of the high altitude data going into the computer models ."

Jim also said that a storm of this magnitude is going to change.

Another thing we want to clear up is that there is no such thing as a Category 6 Hurricane. If you've seen someone write online or say to you that Hurricane Irma is a Category 6 Hurricane, they are wrong.

"(Category) 5 is the maximum," Jim said.

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