Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) -- Some of the hardest hit areas in the Midlands are in Orangeburg County.

Orangeburg was battered overnight by high winds and inches of rain.

Now the cleanup process begins. Crews had to remove trees that were blocking the roads.

Large parts of the county have also been without power.

Amanda Williams was holed up in her home in Orangeburg.“This is like tree after tree after tree down in this area right here,” she said.

In the dark of night, the storm tore through her neighborhood. It was an awful noise. "Just to hear them falling around your house, it was very terrifying," said Williams.

One tree fell through the side of their home, caving in a wall, and destroying the bathroom. She said, “This is not what we expected.”

Now she and her children have to figure out what’s next. “I guess it’s just waiting game right now, making sure everyone is ok, checking in that everyone is at their best," Williams said.

It was a similar story across Orangeburg County.

The storm dropped inches of rain turning parking lots into lakes

And falling trees snapped utility poles like twigs, leaving some dangling by the wires.

“It was waaaa boom and the transformers blowing,” said Billy Lane. He is just one of thousands of people without power.

He said, “Tree fell around 12 last night lit this whole place up like a football field.”

But his home is intact , while Amanda, is now looking for a place to stay.

But she’s just glad that despite the damage, she and her family escaped unharmed.

“It’s some mean things that run thru your mind when you have this kind of weather, but just making sure that they’re safe and no one injured, that was our main concern," Williams said.