Edgefield County, SC (WLTX) - The National Weather Service says they have now confirmed that at least one tornado touched down in central South Carolina during Wednesday's storms.

Weather survey teams say after conducting a survey in Edgefield County say they found evidence of tornado damage in an area from Johnston to Ward.

The weather service says they believe the tornado was an EF-2 on the intensity scale that measure's a tornado's strength. An EF-0 is the weakest on the scale, while an EF-5 is the strongest.

The estimated winds were 115 miles an hour. It traveled along a 7.3 mile long bath, and was about 1,000 yards wide.

One injury was reported.

A tree fell on a house in that area, and the roof was blown off a furniture store. The top of a concrete silo was destroyed.

A deputy who was in the area reported seeing a funnel cloud, but did not see the twister reach the ground.

PHOTOS: Tornado Touches Down in Edgefield County