Lee's Review: "A Cure for Wellness"

Dr. Volmer's patients feel great!  They have no idea how eel they really are.

The cure is in the water - but it takes some time before this thing is H2Over! None

(WLTX) - A young New York executive is given what would appear to be a relatively easy assignment.  He is to bring the CEO home from his "wellness retreat" in the Swiss Alps.  There's just one little problem.  No one leaves!

Yes, much like the Hotel California, people check in - but they don't check out.  And, despite Mr. Lockhart's insistence that he'll be gone before nightfall, we're pretty certain things will not go according to plan.

Sure enough, a disabling automobile accident quickly brings him right back.  The facility's Director makes it a point to personally look after him and give him plenty of water.  That's absolutely crucial to the Doctor's methods...which Lockhart gets more skeptical of by the second.

For those who have seen "Shutter Island," this film might feel like deja vu.  But, you can rest assured, the mystery behind it all is quite different.  And, despite some absurdities in the plot, there are some bizarre revelations.  However, none of the surprises are worth the two-and-a-half hour investment of your time.

Director Gore Verbinski's trademark visuals, tone and pacing all serve the film appropriately.  But he could have easily told the same story in less than two hours.  Had that been the case, we'd probably have a smiling Leemoji!  Instead, we get the dubious-looking character below.

There's a cryptic mystery in "A Cure for Wellness" that you may consider worth solving.  Unfortunately, it's just not worth the time. 


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