Lee's Review: "A Monster Calls"

All we see and all we seem...is but a dream that makes you scream.  But can that same dream save you? 

Does art influence life? Or does life influence art? Sometimes one is required just to cope with the other. WLTX

(WLTX) - Life isn't easy on everyone.  Some really have a tough go of it.  Such is the case with Conor O'Malley.  He's too old to be a kid and too young to be a man.  But the hurdles he's facing will make him grow up fast.

However, he does have the small refuge of his artwork.  A talent passed down from his ailing mom offers a bit of escapism from a very cruel world.  It's this gift which summons probably the most imaginative of imaginary friends.

Despite the monster's fierce threats and menacing appearance, his primary agenda is to tell stories.  He has three to share, each quite unpredictable and loaded with various ironies.  And, once he's done with the third, Conor must respond with his own.  And it must be true!  If not, he will be eaten!!!

The screenplay for "A Monster Calls" was penned by the book's author, Patrick Ness.  And, while it's considered a kids book, I would not classify this as a kids movie.  There are adult themes here that the grade-schoolers probably aren't ready for.

Although, for anyone who is ready for it, I can't recommend it enough!  It's the kind of film that is likely to stay with you long after viewing and will improve each time you see it. 

Even if it's too heavy for you, the artwork alone is enough to watch it just once.  The watercolor was the Leemoji's favorite part.  But, naturally, he's partial to illustrations.

I'm not sure if this is the best movie I've seen this year - but it's definitely in my top five.  I can also say I've never seen anything like it.  I emphatically encourage the public to give it a shot!


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