Lee's Review: "Arrival"

Dr. Louise Banks is having trouble managing her time while covering bases with Abbott and Costello.

Amy Adams is called upon to crack the otherworldly code and save our species. None

(WLTX) - "Arrival" has arrived!  But does it show up with exaggerated acclaim?  Any extraterrestrial movie that doesn't offer 3D viewing must have something going for it (because they clearly aren't trying to dazzle you with special-effects).  Instead, our attention is focused solely on the story, revolving around a professional linguist who is recruited to communicate with our unearthly guests.

The military is befuddled.  However, if she could walk with the aliens, talk with the aliens, grunt and squeak and squawk with the aliens etc.  But these aliens talk in circles...literally!  And, once these crudely formed circles are fully understood and interpreted, one can never view life the same again.

The visitors are referred to as Heptapods.  They reside in a dozen, half-oval, alien spacecrafts, that hover in various parts of the world - like giant footballs awaiting kickoff.  All appear to be in accordance with one another.  The different nations of Earth, however, are not interacting nearly as harmonious.  Ironically, communication breakdown could likely be our downfall.

Anyone anticipating another "Star Wars" or "Independence Day" is sure to be disenchanted.  There's very little action and it carries an appropriately melancholy tone.  But, if you liked "Contact," "Close Encounters," or even the popular Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man..." - "Arrival" is just what you've been waiting for!

Not only is it a thinking person's sci-fi film.  It's one that you'll be thinking of long after it's over.  That's what makes the Leemoji smile.  Hopefully, you'll feel the same satisfaction.  Make a point to be there for the "Arrival."



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