Lee's Review: "Atomic Blonde"

"The Coldest City" gets its hottest visitor for a big screen transformation.

Charlize Theron is blazing a trail through Berlin...with enough force to bring down a Wall! WLTX

(WLTX) - What do you do if a blonde throws a grenade at you?  Pull the pin and throw it back!  But if it was thrown by MI6 agent, Lorraine Broughton, chances are you're already dead.

The year is 1989, when everybody smokes cigarettes, nobody has a cellphone...and the Wall is coming down!  Our heroine is sent into Berlin to find a list before it falls into Russian hands.  But is her own team trustworthy?

For most of the film, Agent Broughton is re-telling the details of her mission to her superiors in a small interview room.  The cuts and bruises on her face signify the rigorous ordeal she's been through.  And, once she begins talking, the melee comes to life.

But it's not all about the violence.  There's plenty of vulgar humor and erotic interludes, in her account, to shamelessly own the film's R-rating.  So, if you're offended by any of those qualities, you may want to avoid "Atomic Blonde."  But, if not, your ticket awaits!

My favorite part of the spectacle came from the editing department.  A long tracking shot, on a neon canvas, to the tune of a 1980s imported hit culminates in stylistic excellence in my book.  And moments like that converged throughout - bringing a big smile to the face of the Leemoji!

Perhaps nostalgia is influencing my opinion.  Or maybe it's my crush on Charlize Theron.  Either way, I'm definitely a fan of "Atomic Blonde!"



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