Lee's Review: "Baby Driver"

Nobody puts Baby in the backseat!  Some were just born to drive.

Music makes the car go faster...especially when this guy's behind the wheel. None

(WLTX) - Every good heist needs a good getaway driver.  And, if you want the best, you get Baby!  That's right, his name is Baby (hence, the title).  But it's really just a code name - much like his co-horts, "Buddy," "Darling" and "Bats."  The same can even be said for their boss, "Doc," who Baby has been forced to work for in order to pay off a long-standing debt.  But does anyone ever really get out of a business like this?  Certainly not in the movies.

Childhood trauma haunts Baby round the clock.  It contributes to his anti-social behavior and is ironically responsible for his accomplished driving skills.  But the most permanent effect would have to be the ringing in his ears, which he constantly drowns out with an infinite playlist on multiple iPods.  And, when he's not listening to music, he's recording mixes of his own from random conversation.

Simply put, when Baby's working in his own head, nothing can stop him.  Unfortunately, he's getting a lot of interference from the outside on his biggest job to date...stealing from the Post Office!

Style over substance has become commonplace at the movies these days - and there's certainly no exception here.  But, when done exceptionally well, a movie can still stand out.  Fast cars, long tracking shots and a loaded soundtrack collectively make "Baby Driver" the thrill ride we've been waiting for all summer!

Oh, did I mention it's also funny?  Well, the Leemoji hasn't stopped smiling since.  Don't let "Baby Driver" pass you by.


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