Lee's Review: "Beauty and the Beast"

Will kids enjoy watching this movie as much as their parents will re-living it?

A rose by any other name...would not be cursed. None

(WLTX) - It may be a "tale as old as time," but this one has only been around since 1991.  Yet, to Generation X-ers, it's the only one that matters.  So, Disney has chosen to remake it for their kids!

The movie is still loaded with animation - but it all looks so real, you'd never be able to tell.  That's quite a feat, considering that most of the cast are inanimate objects.

Fortunately, the story and music remain practically untouched.  A few original songs have been added to the playlist but the standards are still the showstoppers. 

Naturally, the cast has been updated with Emma Watson strongly heading up a very commendable ensemble.  And, while controversy surrounds Josh Gad's character, a real standout of the film would have to be Luke Evans as Gaston.

I'm not sure if people will enjoy this movie because it's new...or because it's almost exactly as they remember.  But, either way, people will enjoy it (especially for the music).  That's what has the Leemoji smiling.

So, if your team has already left the Big Dance or you don't want to freeze in Five Points this weekend, there is another option the whole family can enjoy.  Please, be our guest!


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