Lee's Review: "Doctor Strange"

It doesn't take the Eye of Agamotto to see the style on display here.  But is there substance as well?

Marvel brings magic to the movies - but will bewitchment bring box office bucks? WLTX

(WLTX) - The world of Doctor Steven Strange is about to be turned upside down...and inside out!  His talents in the operating room have helped render an arrogance of immortal proportions.  Yet, in a heartbeat, he learns just how fragile he really is.

In an effort to restore his prior abilities, he journeys to Kathmandu, expecting to find a holistic remedy.  Not that he's a huge believer in such things, he's just run out of options.  Instead, however, he discovers much more.

"Doctor Strange" may look like a wacky mind trip that was created to show off some sensational special-effects (and it is).  But it also has a story, strong acting and humor!

Comic purists may have an issue with Tilda Swinton playing a character who, until now, has always been male.  But it wouldn't be her first time bending genders in cinema and she inhabits the Ancient One so thoroughly, detractors are likely to be silenced.

I'd say, given all this film has going for it, I may have a new favorite in the Marvel franchise!  I can definitely say it's better than any flick we had last summer.  And, even if you don't prefer 3D viewing, movies like this are what the component was created for (personally, I'm frustrated I didn't see it in IMAX).  And, of course, it wouldn't be a Marvel film without bonus scenes...and there are two of them, so stay until the very end!

The Leemoji loved everything about it - but probably appreciated the comedy the most because it was so unexpected.  There may be a waiting list, but I highly recommend you book an appointment with "Doctor Strange" today!



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