Lee's Review: "Dunkirk"

"We shall go to the end...whatever the cost may be...we shall never surrender."  -- Winston Churchill

Is "Operation Dynamo" as fantastic as it sounds? Or will you be eager to evacuate? WLTX

(WLTX) - For ten days in 1940, nearly 400,000 allied soldiers were stranded on the French beaches of Dunkirk.  Despite the fact that they could practically see their home only twenty miles across the English Channel, they remained sitting ducks for the enemy.

Once every military rescue attempt fell short, they had to rely on some very brave citizens.  Was it really possible for civilians to accomplish the task so many armed forces had failed?!

Usually, Director Christopher Nolan is taking us on an adventure with Batman or blowing our minds with a science fiction puzzler.  This time, however, he's taking the historical route and completely immersing us into the chaos.

Mr. Nolan definitely gives us the war experience.  What he doesn't give us is a coherent movie.  We get perspectives from soldiers, pilots, commanders and civilians.  Yet, we hardly get a proper introduction to any of them.  We're expected to remember faces instead of names and the limited dialogue is often shouted and unintelligible.  Nor do the actions of the various viewpoints appear to impact one another.  Usually they just cut randomly from one storyline to the next.

Perhaps this is one of those films I'd need a second viewing to really appreciate.  But, given all the hype (and my respect for the director) my hopes were higher...which is reflected in the face of the Leemoji.

Go see it if you must.  But don't believe the inflated consensus.


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