Lee's Review: "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"

When sequels end, prequels begin!  Does J.K. Rowling return to form or head in the direction of "Star Wars: Episode One?"

Long before Harry Potter, there was a Hogwarts in a wizarding world. There were also fantastic beasts - but where could you find them?

(WLTX) - Long before Harry Potter ever came into being, the wizarding world was in full force...on both sides of the pond!  And, a Hogwarts alumnus may have just caused a fantastic infestation all over the Big Apple.

His precious cargo has gone missing and isn't exactly easy to retrieve.  Fortunately, he has the help of a couple of magic maidens and a portly Muggle.  But, while fetching creatures, they're beginning to learn that the stakes could be higher than expected.

I'm not sure if the events of "Fantastic Beasts" directly relate to Harry's adventures - or if it's just a spinoff within the same universe.  Unfortunately, Eddie Redmayne's mumbling prevented such certainty.  Regardless, I know it's heading somewhere that only Gellert Grindelwald can determine (over the course of several more films).

As for this one, my hopes were higher.  The visuals were overused in a distractingly busy fashion.  Sadly, too much magic makes for too much monotony.

Maybe I've just been spoiled by the greatness that I've witnessed over the last two weeks ("Doctor Strange" & "Arrival").  Nevertheless, the Leemoji wasn't impressed and expected more from J.K. Rowling.  That's because, usually, "fantastic" would be an appropriate description.  Here, it's just misleading.


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