Lee's Review: "Free Fire"

When people have disagreements over guns, they really get fired up!

Nobody's safe in this guns-a-blazin' free for all!  Are you?  And is it a safe bet for your weekend plans? None

(WLTX) - A transaction of illegal guns turns into a melee of confusion in "Free Fire."  The deal should go down rather simply - but an unfortunate event, from the night before, sets off a frenzied barrage that won't likely end well for anyone.

Most of the characters operate in pairs, which should make it easy to identify who they're aligned with.  But, in the end, they're all going for the suitcase and, if a friend gets in the way, that friend becomes an enemy. 

I'm sure there was a clever plot to "Free Fire."  But all the accents and slang jargon prevented me from digesting it.  Nor could I make sense of who was alive, who was dead, who was maimed or who was who.  It reminded me of every time I attempted laser tag!

Still, amid the chaos, there were some funny highlights.  Gunfire juxtaposed with the soothing music of John Denver will likely bring a smile to just about anyone!  And, when the bullets run dry, these guys (and girl) come up with some very creative ways to take each other out.

Director Ben Wheatley takes somewhat of a naturalistic approach to his hyper-violent film.  It's practically in real-time and all takes place in a finite space.  I respect filmmakers who operate by the rules they set for themselves...but, I must admit, I was hoping for a more artistic product.  I guess I had issues with the execution.

Perhaps, after a subtitled viewing, my opinion will change.  But, for now, a questionable Leemoji is what they're stuck with.  I say, don't bother with "Free Fire," until it's free! 


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