Lee's Review: "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"

He came on a summer's day  Bringin' gifts from far away   But he made it clear he couldn't stay No harbor was his home                -- Looking Glass

Is this Volume 2 or Volume 2-point-O? Summer movie season is underway and Marvel aims to Rocket! None

(WLTX) - Get ready for an onslaught of summer movies!  And, of course, Marvel is starting us off...but "Guardians of the Galaxy?"  With all they have to choose from, they selected this?!  As soon as the opening credits began, I was sold.

Naturally, we get everything we got from the 2014 film.  But, this time, it's all a little better.  The story is better.  The humor is better.  The group dynamics are better.  The soundtrack is better.  And, judging from a 3-dimensional perspective, even the special-effects are better!

And (talk about coincidence) Peter Quill may actually be a Star-Lord!  In addition to the old crew, we also get acquainted with several new characters.  One of my favorites would have to be Mantis, who has the ability to feel others' feelings just by touching them. 

But the biggest scene-stealer, without a doubt, would have to be Baby Groot.  He says the same three words over-and-over - but seldom repeats himself.  

Okay, now, it does end on a sad note.  But I was completely won over by that point.  And, given the multiple bonus scenes during the credits, the grief will have passed by the time you're leaving the theater.

"Guardians, Volume 1" was good.  But "Volume 2" is better, funnier and a lot more rockin'!  Which brings a big smile to the Leemoji.

I'm not sure what the summer has in store.  But, at this early stage of the game, I couldn't be more pleased!


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