Lee's Review: "Happy Death Day"

Some days never end.  They just start all over again.  And, when it's your last, a fresh start is always welcome!

It's deadly deja vu for this screaming Tree. WLTX

(WLTX) - Tree Gelbman is having the worst day of her life...over and over!  It begins with a walk of shame across the Bayfield University campus and ends in her own murder.  Happy Birthday to her!  Oh yeah, it's also her birthday.

It looks like she's been given the best gift ever!  But it takes her a while to realize that.  Still, she intends to take advantage of this mysterious "time loop" and catch her baby-faced killer before she runs out of opportunities.

Eventually, things become rather routine for Tree.  Every person she encounters, becomes a suspect and, every new day, a suspect is eliminated. 

It's been described as "Groundhog Day" meets "Halloween" - but, to me, it screamed "Scream!"  It's not a typical horror film.  It's a game of deduction that often aims at the funny bone.

Unfortunately, the conclusion isn't nearly as entertaining as the setup.  Too bad, because (for the most part) I was really enjoying the ride.  But mysteries are all about "whodunnit?" and, when the guilty party is finally revealed, there's very little surprise and plenty of random explanation.

Nevertheless, I was entertained and the lead performance, by Jessica Rothe, is enough to earn a marginal smile from the Leemoji. 

So, if the fair doesn't offer your kind of fun, drive on down to the multiplex and have yourself a "Happy Death Day!"


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