Lee's Review: "Inferno"

Is mankind becoming extinct due to overpopulation?  Some believe that "thinning the herd" will prolong the species.

Tom Hanks returns as Robert Langdon and Ben Foster is "the leader of the Plague" in "Inferno." None

(WLTX) - It's that time again!  Time for Tom Hanks to don another bad hairpiece and save the world through his symbolic knowledge...particularly, Botticelli's illustration of Dante's Inferno.  But first, he's got a lot of catching up to do.

He just woke up in a hospital, with no idea how he got there (or even his middle name).  And, before he can start to contemplate that, he has to dodge the bullets being fired his way!  Fortunately, his Doctor is quite hospitable in her care for him.

The two flee and embark on a journey through the museums of Italy, searching for clues left behind by a madman - who believed the only way to save the human population was to thin it out.  But what they discover could more likely incriminate them!

Dan Brown's book series has been a huge success with many dedicated followers.  However, the movies have never been very well-received.  As a self-proclaimed fan of the puzzle flick, I go in with high hopes.  But I walk out with memories of "National Treasure."

I wish Tom Hanks and Ron Howard would put an end to this passion project and just give us another "Splash!"  Maybe they could even do a movie about David S. Pumpkins.  Just try to satisfy the public for a change.

The Leemoji is clearly fed up with the series.  Hopefully, everyone else is too.  Avoid getting burned and steer clear of "Inferno."


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