Lee's Review: "Kong: Skull Island"

If you think the South Pacific is nothing but Rodgers and Hammerstein music, you've clearly never been to Skull Island.

Is Kong still King? On the 84th anniversary of the landmark film, he gets a brand new introduction. WLTX

(WLTX) - The MonsterVerse is alive and well!  And, just to prove it, Bill Randa of the Monarch organization is arranging an expedition to the mysterious, uncharted Skull Island.  But does he have any idea what awaits?

So, how does this legendary creature exist in 1973?  Well, it's more of a King Kong origin story that happens to be set about 40 years after the original.  It may sound confusing - but, to fans of "Bates Motel," it makes perfect sense.  Besides, this way, they can play up an early '70's soundtrack like "Apocalypse Now." 

"Skull Island" boasts a strong, familiar ensemble who have very differing motives and agendas.  However, the real star is our title character - who, not surprisingly, possesses more humanity than the humans.

It's a far cry from the creature who invaded theaters 84 years ago.  But, for someone so old, he seems to be doing great!  And, yes, we anticipate more from him.  In fact, you can see exactly where the MonsterVerse franchise is headed just by staying through the credits for a bonus scene.

The epic quality may be absent.  But all the action and adventure of "Kong: Skull Island" is enough to put a smile on the Leemoji's face.  I'm betting it'll do the same for you.  Go see it now...because APE-ril could be too late!


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