Lee's Review: "Leap!"

Is "Leap!" poetry in motion?  Or does it fall flat?

This girl has so much energy, she runs on batterie power! WLTX

(WLTX) - Ever since the birth of man, women have wanted to dance.  It has been the dream of practically every little girl's existence.  Even in a French orphanage, during the late nineteenth century, the desire to plie and pirouette keeps a young lady's optimism alive.

That little girl's name is Felicie.  Dancing is the sole memory she has of her mother and a miniature ballet music box is her only keepsake.  She longs to escape the orphanage and make her way to Paris so she can live out her dream.

After multiple attempts, she and her friend, Victor, finally escape and flee to the City of Light.  Victor is a young inventor who would prefer to be more than friends.  But, as long as Felicie gives him attention, he's happy just to be in her life.

Both have a rather difficult transition to their new habitat.  However, each is blessed with a bit of luck and the seeds of their dreams are planted.  While Victor is helping build two monuments we cherish today, Felicie is experiencing the typical childhood adversity one might expect.  Fortunately, she has befriended a very beneficial mentor.

The top dancer in the class gets to be in "The Nutcracker."  And, more than likely, it will come down to a good, old-fashioned dance-off!

Children (mostly girls) are likely to enjoy "Leap!"  However, I doubt it will stay with them very long after it's over.  It doesn't have the immortal charm we've come to expect from so many other animated films.  Therefore, the Leemoji can only shrug.

But the animation is quite good (especially in respect to the ballet moves) and the film's message is timeless.  So, if your kids have nothing better to do, you may want to give it a shot.  Otherwise, I say hold off until it comes to you.  Or maybe I should say, "look before you leap!"


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