Lee's Review: "Logan Lucky"

It may have cost these guys an arm and a leg - but, if they can break this curse, they'll gladly kiss the bricks!

Fast cars and loud engines make for a perfect distraction to the heist below. WLTX

(WLTX) - Life hasn't always been lucky for the Logan brothers.  In fact, they're rumored to be cursed!  But, at some point, everybody's luck is bound to change.  And when Jimmy is fired from his latest job, he concocts an elaborate scheme to rip off "The Beast of the Southeast!" 

Yes, they plan to rob the Coca-Cola 600.  You see, the job Jimmy just lost was below the speedway, doing sinkhole repair.  It was also where an intricate network of cash-carrying tubes dwelled.  If they could just get back in there and redirect those tubes, it could bring a welcome end to the family curse!

But the Logan boys can't do it by themselves.  They'll need the explosive skills of Joe Bang.  However, there is one little dilemma. He's incarcerated...which could be a problem.  But it could also make for an iron-clad alibi.  "It wasn't me.  I was in prison!"

Most people probably know director, Steven Soderbergh, from his "Ocean's 11, 12 & 13" films - or maybe they're partial to "Magic Mike."  This time, he seems to have cross-bred the franchises by taking the star of one and cloning the plot of the other.

So, is he recycling?  Perhaps.  But, either way, he's done a decent job with it.  The ensemble is entertaining and the story moves along (until about the last twenty minutes).  That's where "Logan Lucky" starts to run out of gas.

Still, NASCAR fans will love seeing some of their favorite drivers in cameo roles.  And, for myself, it was the appearance of West Virginia's Dancing Outlaw, Jesco White, who put a smile on the face of the Leemoji.

I won't say it's for everybody.  But the local connection doesn't hurt.  So, with support from the Queen City, "Logan Lucky" wins by a nose! 



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