Lee's Review: "Moana"

November ends on an animated note that could be more alluring than the real thing.  'A'ole pilikia!

Can't afford that Hawaiian vacation? Disney may have just the thing to tide you over. None

(WLTX) - Hawaiian folklore makes for heartwarming fun in "Moana."

The random island of Te Fiti had its heart stolen hundreds of years ago and has been cursed ever since.  This wouldn't be such a bad thing if our title character weren't inheriting the position of Island Chief.  But, as such, she feels a responsibility to lift the curse so her people can prosper from their homeland again.

Fortunately, the ocean is quite taken with Moana.  And, with a little help, she finds the island's heartstone.  Now she must go on a journey to restore it to its rightful place.  However, she can only do this with the help of Maui (shape-shifter, demigod of the wind and sea, hero of men and full-blown narcissist).  Together, they go on quite an Odyssey of adventures - from the highest highs to the lowest lows...and all places in between.

"Moana" has everything going for it: excellent animation, appealing characters, an engaging storyline and enchanting songs.  It should surprise no one that it was created by the same team who gave us "Frozen."  But the tropical atmosphere makes this one mo' betta in my book.

The Leemoji is all smiles over it.  So, while you've got the whole family together, take a break from all the shopping and do something the kids will actually enjoy.  Make some time for "Moana!"



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