Lee's Review: "Sully"

Hero or fraud? Clint Eastwood gives us the good, the bad and the ugly of the "Miracle on the Hudson."

(WLTX) - Aviation is a fascinating thing.  One often wonders how something as large and heavy as a jet can even get off the ground.  And, once it's up and running, there are still a thousand different things that can go wrong.  They are very unlikely, but they definitely happen.

So, what's the procedure when a flock of Canadian geese fly into your engines, essentially turning your airliner into a glider?  And, to make matters worse, you're surrounded by skyscrapers and can't make it back to the airport?!  That was Captain Chesley Sullenberger's predicament in January of 2009.

When the "Miracle on the Hudson" took place, America immediately regarded this pilot as a hero.  However, the National Transportation Safety Board wasn't as eager to embrace his decision.  It's as if they were out to "sully" the public opinion of Sully.

It all depends on your perception.  Did the plane crash into the Hudson - or did it land on the Hudson?  Sully stands firm on his course of action - but the accusations from the NTSB make him question his choices.

Clint Eastwood-directed movies are often heavy on the melancholy...and this is no exception.  Judging solely from the film's tone, you'd probably assume there were no survivors.  I'm aware that the story is about the dark side of a circumstance that the public never saw.  But a little levity would have been refreshing, especially with someone like Tom Hanks is in the lead role.

Regardless, Clint still gives us a good movie.  We get a detailed account of what happened during those three minutes and a very personal view of the man at the center of the crisis.  I just keep thinking this would have probably been a great movie in the hands of Ron Howard.

Nevertheless, the Leemoji is smiling because he's happy to be alive.  It may not be Oscar-worthy, but "Sully" is still worth seeing.

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