Lee's Review: "The Accountant"

Whether laundering his clothes or his money, this guy is meticulous in his undertaking.

Christian Wolff is a unique individual in accrual world. So, does it pay off? WLTX

(WLTX) - Despite the fact that April is six months away, everybody is wondering, 'who is the accountant?'  He might have a little trouble socially - but, otherwise, he executes everything (and everyone) perfectly!

His clients aren't exactly the most principled individuals.  Yet, he functions so many steps ahead of them, they hardly pose any threat to this certified public assassin.  Then again, no one really does.  But the Treasury Department might be getting close.

So what side of the law is this elusive math marvel aligned with?  Does he have an understanding of righteousness?  How did he get mixed up with these people and who is this mysterious lady on the telephone?

Portraying an autistic savant, with lethal abilities, sounds like a very delicate challenge.  But, I must admit, I was never really sold on Ben Affleck's character.  Is this an individual with a sensitive condition?  Or an actor simply removing all emotion from every line he delivers?  I suppose my interpretation is obvious.  But a bad performance never spoiled a Keanu Reeves movie for me...and "The Accountant" forms quite the matrix!

Early on, in a brilliant piece of symbolic foreshadowing, Christian's genius is revealed through his construction of a puzzle.  From there, we are randomly fed flashbacks which, eventually, paint a picture beneath what is initially perceived.

Would this story work if told in chronological order?  Probably not.  But the jigsaw format elevates it exponentially! 

Those who don't appreciate a good puzzle movie may find "The Accountant" taxing.  The Leemoji, however, is a big fan that can't stop smiling.  He suggests you grab some petty cash and invest in "The Accountant."



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