Lee's Review: "The Fate of the Furious"

You can never be sure of a movie until you've checked under the hood.

It's movie number eight! So, after all that mileage, can this thing still compete? Or should it be scrapped for parts? None

(WLTX) - It's that time again.  Time to completely ignore all the vehicular manslaughter casualties in the name of entertainment!  So, is it even possible for this franchise to get any more extreme?  Well, the movies may not always get better - but they'll constantly get bigger.

High octane racing still serves as the foundation to this series.  However, the action sequences can no longer rely solely on automobiles.  Jets, motorcycles, tanks and, now, submarines are every bit as prevalent onscreen.  And, when Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham are involved, you can also count on plenty of hand-to-hand combat.

But the biggest weapon at play is the cyber warfare...courtesy of Charlize Theron.  And, theoretically, a great hacker would also make for a great chess player - since it requires thinking several moves ahead of your opponent.  If this woman can hijack the God's Eye, there's absolutely no escaping her!

The real question, however, is: what does she have on Dominic?  After a single encounter, she gets him to turn on his entire team.  As we've all learned, Dom will never betray his family.  Is it hypnosis?  A computer chip in the brain?  Whatever the case, everybody (with one obvious exception) reunites to bring the lion king back to the pride.

Not surprisingly, the name Brian O'Conner does come up a few times.  But it's not exactly in the context you may be anticipating.  Regardless, I can safely say that there's no posthumous performing in "The Fate of the Furious."  Yet, they still make it awkward.

Other than that, the fans get all the ridiculous action they long for.  They may not claim it to be the best in the series - but it stacks up nice enough to put a smile on the Leemoji's face.  If you're one of those fans, the fate of your Easter weekend was determined long ago. 


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