Lee's Review: "The Mummy"

Death is but the doorway to a new life.  We live today - we shall live again.  In many forms shall we return.

Disrupting an ancient ritual, once again, proves that "mummy" is the root of all evil! WLTX

(WLTX) - Calling all monsters!  Universal Pictures is requesting you each make a return engagement.  "The Mummy" will start us off and, for the first time ever...it's a lady!  If someone is to encompass all evil, I can only wonder, 'why did it take them so long?!'

Anyway, she's the wicked Princess Ahmanet, who was apprehended only one step away from making her reign of terror complete.  She was then wrapped up and entombed with scarabs for thousands of years.  That is, until Tom Cruise comes along.

His curiosity unearths the evil that everyone else was trying so hard to suppress and makes for a deadly ride home (for everybody else).  Somehow, he survives without a scratch.  Perhaps Dr. Henry Jekyll can shed some light on the subject.  After all, he knows a thing or two about living with evil under the skin.

There's a lot of good effort on display in "The Mummy."  The special effects are fantastic, there's a desperate attempt to tickle the funny bone and there's more action-adventure than I can recall in any prior version.  But, ironically, the end result still remains on the lesser side of mediocre.  Were they trying too hard?

Whatever the case, the Leemoji has little interest.  But he hopes to be smiling on future installments of this grand monster revival.  Up next, Angelina Jolie should make everyone's hair stand up as the "Bride of Frankenstein."  But, for now, I see no reason for anyone to get wrapped up in "The Mummy."


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