Lee's Review: "Transformers: The Last Knight"

Now that the "Age of Extinction" is over, they're shedding some light on the Dark Ages.  History takes a different shape, courtesy of the Transformers.   

There's more metal madness at the movies! But is the fifth installment something new - or just salvaged parts?

(WLTX) - "It started as a legend.  One of the greatest of all."  Well, time has a way of depreciating great tales.  And, as it turns out, Merlin owes a lot of credit to the Cybertronians.  Apparently, without their help, the legend of King Arthur would read much differently today.

Fortunately, a valuable piece survives the years and winds up on the arm of Marky Mark, who has a funky bunch of Transformers hiding out in his junkyard.  So, when a team of Decepticons come for it, the hardware wars begin!

In the meantime, Optimus Prime, has gone on a journey of his own.  He's set out to try to rebuild his home planet.  But there's one little hang-up.  The only way to save his world is to destroy ours!  Would our old friend and champion really annihilate us for the sake of his own species?  Well, in all honesty, we'd certainly do it for ours.

For the truest of fans, there's plenty of Michael Bayhem on display.  But, anyone hoping for a little more, disappointment awaits.  A few funny moments are here and there - but not enough to satisfy two-and-a-half hours of time.

On the bright side, the director claims this will be his last Transformers film (as does Mr. Wahlberg).  I'll believe it when I see it...although, I'll probably try not to.  This week, there was no other option - which gives us a very angry Leemoji.  

If you still want to chance it, go right ahead.  But, for the record, I'd say we've reached the lowest point of the summer (and the series).




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