Lee's Review: "Wind River"

Luck doesn't live on the Wind River Indian Reservation...only predators, survivors and prey.

When investigating a murder, snow can either present evidence or erase it. Time is of the essence! WLTX

(WLTX) - They say this is the worst summer box-office season in 25 years!  Well, if people aren't going to the movies, they aren't looking hard enough - because there are some really good options out there.  Like the one I went to see this week.

"Wind River" is a mystery that takes place in the unforgiving mountain ranges of Wyoming.  A young girl is discovered dead in the snow, having suffered numerous forms of abuse.  But, while the cold may have ultimately killed her, the federal agent assigned to the case sees it differently.  She wants it declared a homicide.

She may be right.  But she's obviously in over her head.  She'll need help from someone who understands the conditions they're operating in.  Fortunately, an ideal candidate happens to be right there on the scene.

Cory Lambert works with the Department of Fish and Wildlife.  He found the victim and similarly lost a daughter of his own just three years prior.  It's also probably no coincidence that the two girls were good friends.

"Wind River" was written and directed by Taylor Sheridan, who also wrote last year's Oscar-nominated "Hell or High Water."  And, much like that film, this one is a character-driven, soul-searching drama with more emphasis on personal closure than the story's conclusion.

Whatever the case, Mr. Sheridan clearly has a style that seems to work well for him.  It's not for the faint-hearted - but for those who value empathy in their films.  And that's what has the Leemoji smiling directly in the face of tragedy.

It may not be a "feel good" movie.  But it's a "good" movie...and that's much more than we can say for most. 


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