Lee's Review: "Wonder Woman"

This Wonder Woman is no ordinary Gal.

Princess Diana is on a quest to end war - by defeating its deity. WLTX

(WLTX) - On the mythical island of Themyscira, thousands of goddess warriors train daily for the return of Ares, the God of War.  And, when an American spy accidentally crashes into their waters, he brings alarming news of the outside world.

Apparently, the mortals are engaged in "the war to end all wars."  Surely Ares would be at the heart of such a disturbance.  But only Princess Diana is inclined to pursue this confrontation - much to the dismay of her mother, Queen Hippolyta.  Nevertheless, she grabs the most useful pieces the island has to offer and sets out on her calling. 

Is it really likely she'll encounter the God of War in Europe, circa World War I?  Her mere existence is proof that just about anything is possible...even an invisible airplane!  (just kidding)  But she does get to see plenty of combat and, more importantly, ask plenty of naive questions that fill the movie with lighthearted humor.

The DC films have had a really rocky start - but it appears the tide may be turning.  Perhaps a little estrogen was just what this franchise needed, not only for the lead character but the director as well.

This is hardly more than a simple "origin story."  But, when done right, it's plenty.  And that's good enough to put a smile on the Leemoji's face!  Then again, Wonder Woman always did. 

Witness the wonder for yourself (in 3D, if possible) - because they may never get it right again! 


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