Lee's Review: "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Get On Up"

(WLTX) - There's something about a mysterious orb that sends the entire universe into a panic! Fortunately, the Guardians of the Galaxy are there to make sure it winds up in the proper hands.

They are a motley crew of intergalactic misfits who met in "the clink." The only Earthling among them is Peter Quill (aka "Star-Lord") who was taken from his home as a youngster with nothing but his mother's favorite mix tape. He's joined by an angry inmate, a trigger-happy raccoon, a seductive assassin and a human tree (who is capable of saying exactly three words).

Marvel seems to really be unloading a lot onto audiences these days. Ironically, the summer's biggest disappointment seems to be their biggest draw...Spider Man. So, naturally, it should be no surprise that the summer's biggest godsend is a lesser-known offering like this.

I, for one, was delighted to get acquainted with a new set of characters - especially with a lighter, more humorous tone. However, I must point out that the movie is justifiably rated PG-13. The fact that it features a talking raccoon does NOT make it for all ages.

Still, I think kids ten and up will enjoy it almost as much as the parents. Because Marvel finally made it fun!

And, for those looking for something more down-to-earth, look no further than the Godfather of Soul! The Palmetto State's own James Brown is resurrected in theaters this week with a quality biopic.

Over six decades, we see a poor, forgotten child evolve into a musical pioneer. From brothel, to prison, to center-stage - the good, bad and ugly are revealed through an excellent performance by Chadwick Boseman.

Having recently played baseball hero Jackie Robinson in "42," Boseman is getting used to portraying legends. But going from someone humble and soft-spoken to loud and arrogant makes one quickly forget the former identity.

The movie, as a whole, may not captivate everyone - but the music and lead performance make this godfather's story worthy of an encore. "Get on Up!" and go see it.


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