Lee's Review: "Heaven Is for Real"

(WLTX) - Guess what, folks? The age-old question we've all been dying to know, has finally been answered...by a four-year-old kid.

"Heaven Is for Real" is the remarkably true story of Colton Burpo, a little boy who has a near-death experience. Despite never officially flat-lining, Colton claims to have crossed over and met a few of his own relatives - and someone else's son!

Naturally, his claims are met with skepticism. Even his own father, who preaches the word every Sunday, has his doubts. But, after hearing so many details of things Colton could never possibly know, he eventually makes him the subject of every sermon.

The congregation, however, is growing restless with stories of the miracle encounter. They want either a new topic or a new pastor. Is it really so hard for them to believe? After all, it's further proof of what they've been assuming all along.

In the end, it's not really what you believe as much as who you believe. But Greg Kinnear's earnest performance is likely to help you see the way. Doubters, however, are sure to NOT be in attendance. Therefore, he winds up preaching to the choir.

Maybe it's not for everybody. But it's sure to be enjoyed by all it's for. And this weekend would be the perfect time to see it. HAPPY EASTER!


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