Lee's Review: "Muppets Most Wanted"

(WLTX) - HERE'S A MUPPET NEWS FLASH! Kermit has a muppelganger!!! They're practically identical (with one minor exception). But this double-crosser has a mole of his own...and he's the group's new manager! As a follow-up to their comeback movie of 2011, he's booked them on a big European Tour.

Meanwhile, Kermit is framed and sent to a Siberian prison - while the evil Constantine assumes the identity of America's most beloved amphibian. Is anyone in the group perceptive enough to recognize this slimy imposter? Will they be able to find Kermit if (and when) they do? Will the Number 2 villain become Number 1 - or just live up to his title?

All answers and about a dozen musical numbers await at your local theater. And did we mention guest stars? Celebrity cameos are so abundant and obscure that many will go unnoticed. Others, however, manage to stand out quite easily. I never pictured Danny Trejo as a song-and-dance man. But, now, I'd happily buy a ticket to see him headlining "La Linea del Coro." Unfortunately, that will probably never happen, which makes this effort even more uncommon.

Perhaps it's not quite as polished as last time, but it still shines. So, if you're not feeling the Madness of March, maybe you can get caught up in the madness of the Muppets! And possibly even pass the love and appreciation on to your kids.


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