Lee's Review: "Need for Speed"

(WLTX) - Apparently, there's a "need for speed" at the theaters. I wasn't aware. I assumed the "Fast and Furious" franchise already fulfilled this desire. But the makers of a hit video game seem to think otherwise.

The big race, at the center of it all, is the DeLeon. It's probably the most organized illegal street race there is. There's a huge payday and live commentary by Monarch, the creator of the event.

But, in order to compete, you have to get there first. That's the primary objective for our hero, Toby Marshall, who just spent two years locked up for manslaughter. Of course, it wasn't really his fault. Blame lies with his wealthy rival - who also stole his girl! Can he defeat his foe in the very car that took out his sidekick? Will he even be able to get there in time? Maybe...with a little help from above.

The stunts in "Need for Speed" are pretty impressive. But it's not enough to mask how ridiculous the movie is. Supposedly, we shouldn't care about the hundreds of innocent civilians that wind up in the emergency room. Yet, when any of the drivers meets his fate, we're expected to feel extreme sympathy.

Perhaps I just relate more to the casual bystander than the hazardous gear-shifter. Nevertheless, "Need for Speed" left me stuck in second.


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