Lee's Review: "Rio 2"

(WLTX) - It's time to head back to Rio...for about ten minutes. Then, we're off to the Amazon!

If you recall, Blu is the rare macaw that finally found a mate in Jewel. They now have three little ones of their own. But it seems that their family is somewhat larger than they realized. So, with high hopes of encountering their kindred, they journey deep into the Rain Forest.

Of course, the trip wouldn't be complete without all of their wisecracking friends from the first movie. Nor can it exist without the previous foe. But, as with most sequels, so many new characters are introduced that keeping record of them all often becomes confusing (particularly among the blue macaws).

However, I think the kids will be too entranced with the kaleidoscope of bright colors and musical numbers to care about what's actually happening. And, with that in mind, I'd like to encourage 3D viewings. The spectacle is the star of the show, so you may as well take it in properly.

But if you don't do 3D, you shouldn't do "Rio 2." The story just isn't engaging enough on its own. The sensation of soaring through the Amazon jungle, however, is priceless.


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