Lee's Review: "The November Man"

(WLTX) - Devereaux, Peter Devereaux. Well, he may not be James Bond - but Pierce Brosnan's latest secret agent is the subject of a series of spy thrillers. And this particular movie adaptation has been in the works ever since he retired from the role of 007. So, was it worth the wait? Or is he just traveling down the same familiar path?

To be fair, there are differences. For instance, this time, he's on our side as an ex-CIA assassin. He's more of a mentor than a ladies' man. And, for most of the movie, he simply lacks charm. But, when surrounded by so many one-note characters, Devereaux appears to be LOADED with personality.

He has an in-house enemy that you know will turn on him long in advance. He has a protege hunting him down that you know will help him in the end. And he's saving a young lady whose only real purpose in the film is to look pretty...who you may have seen in another Bond movie!

The action is practically non-stop and often played in slow-motion. Unfortunately, instead of enhancing those moments, it only seems to cheapen them.

Others may see it differently. The audience appeared to be more favorable than me. But, from my perspective, the only reason to see "The November Man" would be to make your Labor Day weekend even longer.


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