Lee's Review: "The Other Woman"

(WLTX) - Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...so imagine the wrath of three! The devil in question is Mark - a player in the game of life and love. He's married to Kate in Connecticut while he's got Carly in New York. But it's only a matter of time before his city girl and his country girl have a suburban encounter.

Carly wants to wipe her hands of the matter and never speak to the guy again. Kate, however, doesn't have it so easy. She's married to the cheat and has no one to share her heartbreak with. The only person who could possibly understand the pain she's going through would be "the other woman." Thus, through one lady's desperation and another's reluctance, an unlikely friendship is born.

As a duo, they put Mark through a lot of humiliating torture. But, once again, he returns the favor by courting a younger, more curvaceous concubine...with some blonde ambitions.

Eventually, they do hit him where it hurts. Until then, they bond over shots and a lot of physical comedy. And, while I hardly laughed, I had to respect the effort. Slapstick is tough to pull off - especially by women. But these girls give it their all and, unfortunately, it's still not enough. The script just doesn't carry the weight of the actresses' endeavors.

Why pay a high price for the same kind of dysfunction you can catch on Springer for free? Don't give a second thought about "The Other Woman."


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