Carowinds to Build New Roller Coaster

Charlotte, NC (WLTX) - Carowinds plans to build a giant new rollercoaster, a twisty thrill ride they're calling "Fury 325."

Park leaders announced their plans Thursday morning at a news conference.

Adding to the long-standing area theme of connections to winged insects in the Charlotte area, the Fury 325 is designed to simulate the movements of a "hornet." It's part of a $50 million multi-year investment for the park.

The peak of the ride will stand 325 feet, roughly 30 stories, and will be visible from uptown Charlotte. Passengers will get into three 32-passenger trains that will take them to the top of the ride, then on a 81 degree first drop. Riders will then be taken over a series of hills, curves, and quick transitions that will reach a peak speed of 95 miles an hour.

This will be the tallest ride in the "Giga Coaster" class, that has a 300 to 399 foot drop, and completes a full circuit on the track.

Six Flags in New Jersey boasts having truly the world's tallest ride currently, the Kingda Ka, classified as a "Strata Coaster," with drop of over 400 feet, however, rides in this classification do not complete a full circuit on the track, rather, a point-a to point-b ride.

The new Carowinds ride contains 6,602 feet of track and lasts nearly three and a half minutes.

Fury 325 is expected to open in the Spring of 2015, and will be the centerpiece of a new 8.2 acre entrance plaza with upgraded ticketing and guest services facilities.

People can get a sense of what they can expect by taking a virtual ride right now on Carowind's website.


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