Lee's Review: "Logan"

The "X-Men" spinoff may have just released its final cut.  So, is it choice?

Healing used to be a quick process for our hero. But, now, he longs for days of features past. WLTX

(WLTX) - The claws are out one last time!  After witnessing his long life throughout history, we're given a glimpse into Wolverine's future...and things aren't too pretty.

It's 2029 and mutants are practically extinct.  Logan's Adamantium is getting rusty while Professor X's brilliant mind is nearly gone.  And, when he has a seizure, it's best to be standing in a doorway.

However, despite their limitations, they have to do what they can for the next generation.  In this case, it involves protecting an eleven-year-old girl and getting her to North Dakota.  It may sound like an easy task - but the folks from Transigen are making it pretty darn difficult.

The X-Men have never been considered a "popcorn franchise."  But, now more than ever, they've really set out to make a serious film.  "Logan" is dark, moody and (for the first time) R-rated.  It may not be the most popular route to take, but it's certainly more credible.  And everyone wants to end on a credible note.

And speaking of the end, in a rare Marvel move, there's no post-credits scene!  When those titles roll, feel free to make your way to the exit.  Perhaps it's another little indication that we've reached the end of an era.

A bad conclusion will often make it or break it for the Leemoji.  Fortunately, "Logan" goes out leaving a smile on his face...despite the apocalyptic tone.

It may not be for everyone.  But anyone remotely interested, will surely appreciate this swan song.  He's earned a proper goodbye.  Why not give it to him?


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