Theatre Hosts Show Based Off of Viral Cat Videos

A Friday night show based entirely off of viral cat videos is about to sell out at Midland Technical College's Harbison Theatre.

Executive Director Katie Fox says organizers barely did any advertising when they signed up to host the show because of how dedicated people are to watching funny cats.

"Tonight will make a good point of how we are in some ways more alike than different," said Fox.

People from all walks of life have bought tickets, and Fox says she believes many people will be surprised to see they all have the same sense of humor.

The event, titled 'You Can Haz Cheezeburger' is a mixture of a live-action show featuring dancers dressed as cats and videos of infamous feline celebrities. Audience members will also participate in acts like "Cat or Baby" where audience members guess who made the noise played -- and Fox warns it's not easy.

The entire night isn't just fun and games, however. Organizers will also be raising money for Pawmetto Lifeline's HEART Program that takes animals out of kill shelters and places them in temporary homes.

"Just because you love your own pet or you have fun watching silly videos online, you might not realize that there's a way, really a low commitment way, to give a few days of shelter to an animal before they go into their forever home," said Fox.

Fox says if it takes wearing fuzzy cat ears and rolling giant balls of yarn to raise awareness about a good cause and the theatre itself, they're willing to do it.

With the success of this show, Fox says the Harbison Theatre isn't closing any doors and will be open to more out-of-the-box ideas in the future.


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