Couple Battling Health Issues Gets Special Wedding

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- A very special wedding was held in Columbia Wednesday evening for two people whom friends say could not deserve it more.

Their friends put the wedding together in just a week, and all of it for free, made possible by donations from local businesses.

People can sometimes wait their whole lives before finding love. For Larry and Lari Murray, love found them.

Wednesday was their wedding day, but it's a bit different than most weddings.

For some reason, God told me that man needs you," Mrs. Murray said of meeting Larry seven years ago.

"We could not have afforded a wedding this grand,>

Years ago, Larry was diagnosed with colon cancer and beat it. Then the Vietnam veteran found out he had kidney cancer.

"The urologist told him 'I'm going to be surprised if I see you four years from now, and it's been 7," his wife said.

A few weeks ago, Larry found out his colon cancer had returned.

That's why Wednesday they were at their wedding, one that was put together in a week completely by people from their community, for free.

"I wanted Lari taken care of should anything happen to me," Larry Murray said.

Friends put together a reception for the couple, too.

But it's perhaps their battle for health that keeps them strong. Lari Murray said she battles multiple sclerosis.

"We spend our lives as caretakers for each other," Mrs. Murray said.

But that's what happens when love finds you.


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