The Best Place to Work in the Midlands

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The employees at VC3 consider their work place their home away from home. It's a calm and relaxing environment where the usual work-related stresses are gone.

It's so good, it was recently named one of the 10 best places to work in South Carolina, and the best place to work in the Midlands. Previous Coverage:Best Places to Work in SC

Raul Ricano is a loyal employee at VC3. He's no stranger to corporate business, but didn't get the growth that he expected.

"Taking 15 minutes to play some good Foosball game can definitely relax and just brainstorm and talk down here and this is definitely a good stress reliever," said Ricano.

According to Ricano, he's much happier now and finds it relaxing that the office is open: essentially, everyone's door is always open.

"I can go to my boss, literally… he sits right behind me but I can just say he… you got a second? I got a question on something so it's pretty nice to be able to do that over all", said Racino.

In the past, he's worked at big corporations, but nothing compares to VC3.

"If you didn't do a certain thing, you were never allowed to touch it. From when I first started here I was always encouraged try a little but more," said Racino.

Even off the clock, he enjoys connecting with his fellow employees.

"I had another co-worker of mine we actually went on a Virginia bike tour," said Racino. "We biked 100 miles one time. It was pretty crazy because we didn't even train for it so it was pretty great… we have that kind of interaction in and out of work."

David Dunn is the CEO of VC3, and says over the years he's found that employee feedback is one of the keys to make work enjoyable, which is why they participate in work reviews.

""The survey and the process is great because we get a lot of good feedback," said Dunn. "Not only do we get an award but we get information and feedback that our employees have given so we look through that every year. We take it to heart. Anything that we receive as negative or something that we can improve upon we take actions and try to implement changes based on that feedback that's how we've been able to sustain it."


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