Calhoun County, SC (WLTX) - In Calhoun County, every student in kindergarten through second grade now has a laptop.

“My children are loving my Chromebooks,” 2nd grade teacher at St. Matthews K8 Matilda Snell-Kinsey explained. “They're blossoming. They're learning. They're energetic. They're eager to learn and they want to do. They're excited about the Chromebook assignments I post on the board every week also.”

Each student has a Chromebook computer to complete assignments and of course to also play games.

Snell-Kinsey said her students are building up technology skills and preparing for their future.

“They'll be prepared for college. They'll be prepared for any job in the world,” the teacher beamed.

The K-2nd grade students in Calhoun County received the laptops last month.
Students in 3rd-8th grade received laptops last year.

Officials said $100,000 from the Technology Initiative State Fund paid for all of the computers for every student in Calhoun county in kindergarten through second grade.